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Contact Del: 07720 326596 / 01438 820246 or email: webstudio@hsrecording.co.uk

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From a solo artist to a full-scale band we can provide you a first class recording studio experience using state of the art world class equipment, engineered by a talented producer/engineer -  at competitive costs.

Production, recording, mixing and mastering -  large or small projects -  up to 256 audio tracks available.

We use AVID audio systems as used by all top studios worldwide -  tools that power the industry.  We can easily and freely collaborate on projects with other Avid systems used by worldwide music producers, studios and mixers to ensure the artist is not limited to one engineer, studio or sounds.

Avid ProTools 2018 HD Software, AVID Analogue DSP HDx interface and an Avid Artist Desk enables the capture of high quality audio with unparalleled speed and precision.  Recording to 32bit floating point precision and mixing to 64bit floating point precision means your audio is recorded and produced to the most accurate detail possible.

Using top microphones from AKG, Neumann, Audix, Royer and Shure that are patched to Neve, SSL, UAD, Buzz Audio and Focusrite pre-amplifiers, your audio is transferred to our Pro Tools DAW at a very high quality.

An acoustically controlled recording room and control room allows true sounds to be produced and recorded and our accurate reference monitors provide true to life audio output.

An abundance of enviable post processing equipment and software enables creativity that has virtually no limits and that provide professional results, which are necessary to meet the demands of audio/music worldwide.

** As an artist or musician, you need to have high-quality mixes that artists, labels, and audiences expect so that your creativity stands out and gets noticed in such a competitive industry **

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The Studio in Codicote Hertfordshire has many years of experience recording and producing music and audio and the environment creates a friendly, helpful and relaxed atmosphere to appeal to the beginner or professional artist. We have a satisfied customer base situated in Hertfordshire and beyond, including singer songwriters, choirs, rock bands, rap artists, opera singers, vocalists, voice over clients, jazz and acoustic artists. Studio productions have made Radio 1 airplay and many artists come back to record time and time again and commend the studios friendliness and professionalism to their friends and colleagues.

HS Recording Studio Services

The studio is within easy reach of major towns and cities -  e.g. 30 minutes from London. Facilities include full kitchen with free tea/coffee, microwave etc and the local village offers a variety of pubs and convenience stores for snacks plus restaurants/take-away's

Find us here: Studio Location

Visits to the Studio are welcome -  please ring/email to arrange

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Student Discounts - please email/telephone  Gift Certificates available. HS Recording Studio Video Podcast . East West Quantum Leap Sounds added - top samples of all types,  as used by industry professionals.  Nord Stage 2 Ex Full size professional fully weighted piano keyboard added. Amazing grand and upright pianos plus real organs, strings, brass and synths.


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